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When you think of 'missions or becoming a missionary,' we think of of extreme sacrifice and going to some far away place, right? Well. Think again. The Special Needs community is a hidden people group that needs to know about the love of Jesus right here in our own backyard.

Our mission effort was created to bring to light & normalize special needs families into a 'we belong' relationship with a church congregation. We all need peer-peer friendships and even more so with special needs individuals. Help us reach Pastors with the GOOD NEWS of our special mission project. God promises a very special reward for this extended invitation. Luke 14:14


Usually we think of Sunday as the 'day for church'...That would be ideal...but for now, we are 'doing-church' at a beautiful rented space at the TERi-Project in San Marcos. We calling our time together...'The Friendship Bible Club.' We are inviting those touched with any sort of disability to join us as we "Celebrate the Goodness of God."

We meet on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Thursdays of each month. 5:30-7:00. We eat together at the restaurant/cafe and the enjoy our own space to learn about God and HIS never-ending love for each of us. Geared for 16-60+ yrs.old

Nathaniel's Hope is the most fantastic 'disability ministry' EVER! They are celebrating their 20th year helping churches care for the special-needs community. Make 'em Smile June 4th in Orlando! We Will Be There! Can't wait to learn how to bring this amazing concept here to California!

Support LIFE...All Through Life

There is nowhere else we see the generous, unconditional love of God more than in the church reaching and loving our special ABILITIES community.

Summer Time Events 2022
Summer Time Events 2022

We have loaded up our calendar with amazing activities for young adults 16-30. Concerts, Del Mar Fair, bowling, karaoke. Stay in the loop for all activities with rides avaiable. Ask us about the GroupMe app.

In-Person/Mission Church
In-Person/Mission Church

Join the Young Adults/College-age group @The Mission Church in Carlsbad on Wed. evenings at 6:30 for a $5 dinner, worship-time and then breaking off into small groups for an understandable teaching in God’s Word with same-age friends. Pick-up at 8:30ish. SUMMER BREAK FOR THIS EVENT. WILL RESUME IN SEPTEMBER!

God's Word is clear. 1 Cor.12: 22 And some parts seem the weakest & least important are really most necessary.

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