Flash Mob Missionaries


A Flash Mob (Friendship) Missionary is just a big hearted individual that embraces the need share a little bit of their life with our Special Abilities individuals. 'Just be a friend, just show up.' Do the fun things you normally do, but when you do them with a friend that struggles with friendship, it takes on a whole different meaning. From outdoor events to our remedial Bible Studies. Join the Adventure!

This is the Heart-Beat of the Mission Project.

Hands-down. Friendship & real human connection is the NUMBER ONE NEED WE ALL HAVE. Did you know that social rejection activates the same part in our brain as physical pain?

In our culture today, many, many people struggle with making and being a good friend. With that in mind. Those born a little different, especially as they begin to enter adulthood. Without a little help and initiation from Christian youth...our fellow human beings have an impossible time making lasting, real-time, same-age friendships.

Sidenote: Their parents cannot be their best friends.

They need YOU. And YOU need them. Remember this is not a one-way thing. Special 'abilities' pals have so much to offer YOU. No judgement. Unconditional love. A brand-new perspective of the world. Child-like faith. They are some of the best and most loyal friends you could ever want or have.

Join our back-yard missions project.
My promise; You will never REGRET you embarked on this journey!

We need Friendships!

She's a Backyard missionary!
She's a Backyard missionary!
Tough Mission Field! right, Nicole?...lol!
Tough Mission Field! right, Nicole?...lol!