Give. Volunteer. Buy.

Donations and Giving

Thank you for supporting this mission project! It takes many moving parts to keep it running. We design a weekly remedial, bible study for our online friends. We provide a Call-Center for our special friends to call us to chat about God & pray. We provide curriculum for mid-week youth groups. We hope to produce an online Sunday Service, geared for our very special friends in group homes that cannot get to a church. We believe in 'The Great Commission', FOR EVERYONE!

Our Gift-Giving Sewing Studio

We like to work with our hands. We love our in-house sewing studio. The purchase of our doggie bandanas, our festive seasonal banners or our Warmies support our outreach program. Jasmine, who has Down Syndrome, and our team of designers and special abilities seamstresses create these top quality, keep-sake items to use and enjoy year-after-year. The best gifts ever. FaceTime tp pick your bandana's fabric. Tell us your dogs name. We will mail it to ya. $15 760.492.3931

FurryFriends Bandanas

We are so excited about our new personalized dog collar bandanas. One of my dear teachers from my Sew Inspired, kids sew camps brought the design to us at Christmas time. We made one for our dog, Diggy and friends wanted Jasmine to make them for their dog. Ordered one today! $13 for one $25 for 2

How to Order

It's super easy to order a personalized bandana for your precious pooch. Pick your your dog size. 1. Teeny Weeny 5-20 lbs. 2. Smallish: 20-35 lbs. 3. Average 35-65 lbs 4. Big Boy 0r Big Girl 65-95+lbs Pick your fabric choice #.FaceTime/Text us that info & your dogs name or choose a seasonal message. (Happy Easter, He Has Risen, Hosanna...) 760.492.3931

Our Warmies are Amazing!

Each one of our Warmies are made with an insert full of lush flaxseed and fragrant lavender. The outer layer is made of 100% cotton flannel. This amazing product made, in-house to help fund our project. They make the perfect gift for young and old! $35


This is our latest banner. What an awesome reminder of Jesus Coming Soon! We also create name-sake banners, holiday banners, Easter is coming soon!!!

Where Your Giving Goes

We are a brand new ministry, and each month we have approximately $2,500 worth of expenses. You can request our open book financials.

1 Corinthians 13:13

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

Thank You for your Support

For special needs young adults over 21, we are now a membership faith-based social club. If you would like your young adult to be a part of our social activities, we are requesting a minimum of $100 per month membership fee.